Summer Camp 26th August - 28th August


YUAI School annual event, summer camp will be held as scheduled this year. The program is compulsory for all regular school students and highly encouraged to attend for after school students. With the theme “Innamal Mu’minuna Ikhwah”, we hope children will benefit their learning with the beautiful nature surrounding them.



Alhamdulillah all praise is due to Allah, with His help, YUAI IISJ was given an opportunity to have a short study program with Al Noori Muslim School in Australia.

Everyday YUAI teachers and students continue to learn many things, find a fascinating things and experience extraordinary things, there in Australia.

As a Muslim living in minorities in the country, both schools (YUAI & AMS) have many things in common. The struggles, the challenges, the passion, the vision and the mission reunited both in one path. The path named, love for the coming Muslim generation.

As soon as arriving in Sydney at the first day, YUAI experience such a warm welcome and beautiful hospitality from the Al Noori Muslim school staff and everyone in school. 
It is so amazing to see a strong close knead brotherhood in Australia.

Who would have thought that from thousands kilometers away from Japan , across the sea and the ocean in another continent
YUAI could find a strong support for the school, for us YUAI personally including for the teachers the students and for our mission and vision.

The school-visit-program started with a short briefing and meeting with the teachers and the principal at Al noori where YUAI was able to hear on the history of the out standing achievements AMS have achieved, and How their footsteps managed to successfully last in the country and even receiving accreditation from the government!

From few students to nearly 2000 students, from organizing classes from house to house to the real school building.

Al Noori Muslim School had inspired YUAI in so many ways! Because they have became to a something from literally nothing!

Allhuakbar. It is all about a hard work, dedication, commitment and trust!

May our visit here recharge our energy for the long journey ahead .