About YUAI

Education is a continuous process by which people’s potentials abilities and talents are nurtured and developed.

YUAI International Islamic School was launched on July 2016 with the collaborations between FGA Education Foundation and Islamic Centre of Japan.

YUAI is an international school in Tokyo offering Integrated and Holistic Education that emphasizes Islamic values and character building as well as intellectual excellence with globally acclaimed IGCSE curriculum format of Cambridge University in UK.

As an Islamic School, we emphasize creating an Islamic environment which will enable students to implement an Islamic lifestyle as much as possible. Whilst, English is a global language and will be used in teaching and learning throughout the study in the school.

We aim our students to be excellent in whatever they do following the precept of Prophet Muhammad. The students should have integrity and confidence based on Aqidah and Shariah, being excellent in their expertise and as the result, giving contribution to the community and the world.

Communication is an essential part of day-to-day life, human relationships and workplace. These will be developed throughout their time at school.

In order to succeed in both duniah and akhirah, students will be encouraged to be the very best they can be, in all matters. We wish for further support this by providing entrepreneurship activities.

Our religion highlights the importance of practicing in Jamaah and helping those around us. Hence, all students are required to complete some forms of community service prior to graduation.


A Message by Director


Yetti Dalimi - Head of FGA Education / Principal of YUAI IISJ

Just like other countries, thousands of Muslim families are also living in the land of Sakura today. We believe that, this young generation is like a bud, a tree flower that is preparing to blossoms. With their intellect, knowledge together with the faith, we strongly believe that they will be the leader of the Ummah in the very not far future InshaAllah.

For a flower to bloom, it will need a water and sunlight. Parents are like the sun to watch and provide sunlight for the flower to grow. A good Islamic education is like water to shower those buds with the knowledge to blossom. Missing either one of water or sunlight, the bud will be deprived of growing into a flower. Therefore, we are required to ensure adequate supply of education to nurture them and make those flowers bloom beautifully.

To protect coming young generations are our responsibility, and the right education should be given to them. YUAI International Islamic School shall provide this education by applying the Integrated and Holistic Education System (IHES) that is based on Quran and Sunnah, alongside Cambridge Curriculums for individuals to receive both Islamic and World Education.

We believe that, the essence of Islamic Education is not merely to achieve academic excellence, but more importantly to build Akhlaq, good moral character. A comprehensive education would consist of both academic and moral character development, so that individuals may be balanced intellectually and spiritually. Although conventional education do teach the importance of morality and character, it is incomplete without Islamic principal.

This school would have not existed without the help and support of all the brothers and sisters involved. May Allah blessings be upon all of them.



Dr. Musa.M.Omar - Head of Islamic Centre of Japan

My first visit in Japan was in 1970, when I was the first Sudanese student at Waseda University to study architecture. I worked for 40 years as a civilians and Ambassador of Sudan to Japan for the friendship between Japan and Sudan. During that time, I have tried my best to be successful in this endeavor. Meanwhile, I have realized that the real friendship spirit is necessary for mutual understanding between countries and the country we live.

The name of International school that we have established this time is “YUAI” drawn from my experience. The 20 th Century was a century of wars. However, it is necessary to make this 21 st century, a century of peace where our children live. In this context, our YUAI International School will play a great role.

I am convinced that graduates of our school will obtain skills of highly analytical ability and acquire a deep spirit of friendship contributing to the development of world peace. Therefore, I sincerely ask for support of everyone to help our school grow.